Ferret Cages

Pet ferrets require a comfortable clean cage. The cage should be large enough to fit the ferret’s food, drink and toys in as well as sufficient space for movement and exercise.

Some people call ferret cages “kitty condos” due to the fact that the cages are becoming more like houses than traditional pet cages! Ferrets do not need to be constantly kept in cage, however it is recommend that if you are out or can not supervise your ferret that you place him in a cage rather than let him freely roam the house.

As ferrets can be quite destructive and mischievous, most owners prefer to cage it than let it run free when they are out of the house.
You do not have to go overboard when constructing or buying a ferret cage. In fact, just making a ferret proof enclosure with boards or fences is sufficient enough to keep the ferret contained.

When temperatures are excessively hot or cold outside, you should keep your ferret indoors. A simple wooden constructed enclosure is a cheap and easy way to house your ferret when you are not playing with him.

If you prefer to buy a ferret cage, expect to spend anywhere from $80 to $1000 depending on what you want, how big it is and how luxurious it is. Just like cat and dog accessories, there are also gourmet ferret accessories and houses – they just aren’t cheap!

There are a variety of ferret cages available. Anything from a simple ground based cage, right up to the exotic multi level pet mansion.
Multi level cages, whilst more expensive, are actually ideal for the ferret as you can separate his food from his litter area and his sleep area. Ferrets prefer their litter to be located away from their food that’s why a multi level or at least a large one level cage is mandatory.

It goes without saying that some things should be avoided. For example, cages with slats or openings big enough for the ferret to get his head or feet stuck in, coated surfaces (some coats are safe, check before buying), metal bottomed cages and anything else that may seem hazardous to your ferret’s health.

Ferret cages are a fun way to house your ferret when you don’t want him on the loose. Take your time choosing one, and it will last a lifetime.

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  1. should i get a litter box? if so should it just be a regular cat litter box or a different kind, if there is one.

  2. I personally prefer to build my own cage, I can design it into the room it is going in, currently we have a chocolate cage which is designed to fit into our living room, it looks really nice and it is extremely big for our ferrets, I don’t believe they actually sell a cage as big as this, Thanks for the post about cages, i love reading up about them!!!

  3. I have to agree with Rob. When you build your own ferret cage you are able to really give you friend the best arrangement for the area you have to work with. Like i was living in an apartment where I had space under the stairs that I basically turned into an area for my ferret that was like a maze going up until it got to the stairs where she could climb down the stairs afterwards. She did it so often when were played I got tired.

    Well learn how you can prepare your ferret home before you allow him/her to run wild

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